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Landscape Design

Let the pros at The Groundskeeper design your dream landscape.  We can create a computer generated design that will show you what your house will look like with the plants selected.

Let The Groundskeeper design your dream landscape.  We use a 3D computer program that allows us to put your house in the design.  You will know exactly what your landscape will look like before before you get started.  We can design and install or you can install your self.  Contact us today for your custom design.  850-516-6008 or

We understand the power of a well-designed and a beautifully maintained landscape. A finely crafted design-build landscaping project can reveal your home’s untapped beauty and functionality. Carefully scheduled maintenance care keeps your landscape in peak condition all year long, preserving your property investment. Our landscape designers and certified maintenance professionals have years of success working with clients to envision their homes’ hidden potential, and will provide you with the professional, expert services you need to help you make your vision of home a reality.  What’s more, with a landscape design by The Groundskeeper, we take into account your requests for important aspects like the amount of maintenance, watering, and general upkeep.  We will even design your landscape in our computer program that will show your just what your house will look like with the new design!

Creative Landscape Design

1.  Landscape Installation
2.  New Lawns / Sode3.  Clean Ups
4.  Lawn / Property Renovations
5.  Hedge Row Plantings
6.  Large Tree Installation
7.  Seasonal Color

Large Trees and Shrubs

Do you have a pesky neighbor or eyesore that you wish would go away?  The Groundskeeper can help solve your problem.  We install mature trees and shrubs that make an instant impact on your landscape.   Large trees and shrubs are great for privacy, screening out eyesores or to soften up your landscape.  Call us today to see what we can do for you.  Below is just a small example of some of the trees we can use.